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Maxon Multiemployer PlansThe Maxon Company has been providing consulting and management services to Multiemployer Plans since 1955 when group medical and pension benefits were in their formative years. Maxon in those days kept plan data in ledger books coding benefit information by hand for reporting at periodic Trustee Meetings. Some of those ledger books can still be found on display in our library.

Also in those days all medical plans were scheduled. For instance for a doctor's office visit the plan would pay $10.00; for an inpatient hospital stay the plan would pay $100.00 per day. If a plan was rich there might be a $25.00 corridor deductible and a $10,000.00 major medical benefit. Believe it or not, we still manage some scheduled plans, though the schedules and the major medical benefits are, of course, much richer.

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