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Student Accident & SicknessMaxon has been managing college student medical plans since 1973. Whether your plan includes basic schedules and supplemental benefits, comprehensive PPO’s or anything in between, Maxon has probably handled it and on a very large scale. This experience can help you keep your rates reasonable whether your plan is mandatory, waiver, or voluntary.

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As part of plan management Maxon produces monthly claims analysis reports. This year to date report shows paid claims by cause (type of condition) and service (the nature of what was done or provided). Frequency and dollar amounts are provided, along with sub-totals for inpatient, outpatient, and other services. Each report is customized to provide information on specific plan benefits. These formats can also be utilized to analyze claims data by campus and according to any desired student/dependent sub-groups.

We also provide secure on line claims status inquiry for your administrative staff and your insured students.

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