Isn’t Empire Blue Cross getting Creative?

Under the guise of “Simplification” Empire Blue Cross just announced they will be eliminating their most popular insurance plans.

As a preferred broker, we received a call just the other day from our Empire Blue Cross representative notifying us that the coverage’s we have been selling and employers and their employees have been enjoying are being terminated. In their efforts to “Simplify” their product line only a handful of choices will remain; the majority of which are not too popular.

The plan terminations officially become effective April 1, 2012. At this time we believe the affected companies should start investigating their alternatives.

We can help anyone who would like to review their options. There is no obligation. Call 914-591-7111 and ask for Chris or Cliff.

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2 Responses to Isn’t Empire Blue Cross getting Creative?

  1. Vic A says:

    Corporate greed seems to be very contagious

  2. Maria K. says:

    BCBS’s “simplification” translates to “complication”. The ugly truth is that once again, it’s small businesses that pay the price for the greed of the untamed corporate world – not to mention the dedicated brokers out their selling this product. Small businesses keep today’s troubled economy afloat. This in turn demands respect, acknowledgement, consideration and without question, the center of attention when making decisions of this magnitude. BCBS needs to rethink, reconsider and reapply its “simplification” elsewhere and stop hurting small businesses and remember the value of their brokers!

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