Is AskMaxon Right For Me?

Recently we had a focus group conducted to determine when and if consumers would use our AskMaxon service. What we found is that our service is misunderstood. Some felt it was a back door to try to sell insurance, others felt they could use their insurance company, broker or human resource professional to get the answers they need. Why would they pay a company like ours a fee to get something they could get for free?

These are all valid questions, and many times those resources are enough; but many times they aren’t. This service is not for everyone and not for every scenario. It is for those people who do not know the questions to ask, cannot maneuver the system, do not know what they are entitled to or do not have the time. AskMaxon may not be the first place to go but it should be the last. It is an advocacy service.

We have spent hours trying to straighten out over $10,000 in outstanding medical bills for one of our clients. This client has a limited medical plan with an extremely low reimbursement level. He came to us seeking help. We have been negotiating directly with his providers to obtain a reduced fee and have already received a 50% reduction from his surgeon. Our time investment has been well in excess of the 2 hour fee we charged and we are not yet finished. This scenario is not all that uncommon especially for the many individuals who do not have coverage and who are uncomfortable asking for a reduced fee from a provider.

AskMaxon is designed for those who have exhausted all available options. It is not intended as a way to sell insurance. It is to advocate on your behalf.

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